2 sealed Arista long boxes:

The Monkees had 11 CDs which originally sold in the long boxes; 4 from Rhino (Pool It!,
Live 1967 and Missing Links Vol. 1 & 2) and all 7 from Arista (Then & Now, Greatest Hits,
More Greatest Hits, The Monkees, More of the Monkees, Headquarters and Pisces).
Plus Arista had three CD3 EPs.

Long boxes were created to fit in the taller LP bins and to help prevent the '5 finger discount'.
I've got about 5 so far. Most people (myself included) threw them away so they are a little hard to find.



Found the 1996 30th Anniversary 4 song CD from Japan:

(At the bottom of the page)



Added the Headquarters Deluxe Edition CD from Friday Records:

Thanks to Ben Belmares for the pics!



Just for fun I put together a page with slightly over 300 of my picture sleeves. Any duplicates are from different countries and each pic links to the real picture:




Added a Japanese section to the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart page:


From Michelle66.



Cool poster from the Criterion Collection promoting their upcoming release of Head on Blu-Ray and DVD, way back in 2010.




Last Train To Clarksville from the Philippines:


This record is sometimes tough to find since their first world wide hit was "I'm A Believer".




Received my copy of the new box set "The Monkees Present":

Andrew was very kind to use my picture sleeve from Turkey, "Mommy And Daddy", look for it with other great photos from Kevin Schmid in the liner notes!

A fantastic set especially the 'Sessions' on disc 3! I love seeing how the songs are put together: from rough vocalizations to the studio chatter with false starts and other surprises! Plus the unused backing tracks of what could have been...

And of course the bonus single:


Highly recommended from Monkees.com!


Found a very nice ad from the UK's New Music Express; the last Monkee record made and sold in Europe:

These 2 EPs were sold in France, Germany and the UK. I had always thought the records were sold in the UK and the CD singles in Germany. I corrected the CD pages accordingly, but I don't have a European page so the records stay there in the UK section with a notation.



"20th Anniversary Tour 1986"; from David Fishof Productions:

To avoid paying Arista any licensing fees, nowhere on the packaging does it actually say "The Monkees".


Found another promo record of Spain's "Daydream Believer",
this time with a copy of the USA Billboard charts hyping the single:




Just got back from seeing all 3 concerts here in Texas: Austin, Houston and Dallas. I think the Houston show was the best. The Arena Theater has a small round stage in the center with seats all around; not a bad seat in the house!

Plus they debuted "The Door Into Summer" one of my favorite tracks from the 'Pisces' LP. It looks like this is the first time the song was ever played in concert! My friend Mark at Monkeesconcerts.com has the set list from every show they've ever done and I don't see it on his site.

I'd like to see them tour again next year adding "Love is Only Sleeping" and "Salesman".

Big thanks to Andrew Sandoval for Producing the tour. The song selection and video has been top notch!