Promo "Theme/Mary, Mary" from Germany.

All I've been finding lately are these promotional records.
I like the ones with the unique labels, such as Japan, Germany, UK (the giant A), USA & the Philippines.
Some countries just put a sticker or a stamp on the label and a few didn't issue any at all.



Found a seller who had some uncut jukebox strips for
Daydream Believer, Valleri & D. W. Washburn:

and my other two, Pleasant Valley Sunday and Oh My My:

I don't know how many people collect these, but I've always liked them
and the uncut sheets are pretty hard to find.



I finally picked up some LPs from Canada; Pisces & Instant Replay:


Scanning ebay I've come across 3 variations in the Canadian LP jackets for the first LP:

Type 1: "Papa Jean's Blues" (misspelled) with "Colgems" in red

Type 2: "Papa Gene's Blues" (corrected) with "Colgems" in red

Type 3: "Papa Gene's Blues (corrected) with "RCA Victor" in red

As far as I can tell all the pressings have "Papa Jean's Blues" misspelled on the reverse jacket.



"More Of The Monkees" from France:

It looks like the French only released the first 5 LPs. I've never seen
French versions of Instant Replay or Head. Although I would think Head
would have played France, because they seem to like really crazy movies.



2 promos from Japan:

Star Collector/No Time


Valleri/Tapioca Tundra

Promotional records from Japan (and Australia) were not pressed
in great quantities and today are very hard to find.



Added a page in the LP section detailing all the Colgems jacket variations.

I got pics for 24 different jackets: including the misspelling of "Papa Jean's Blues" (stereo & mono),
the Beard photo on HQ (stereo & mono), the Colgems circle symbol in later pressings on the first 2 LPs,
correcting Gerry Goffin's name on Head, the black and brown cover for "Greatest Hits"
plus all the regular stereo & mono pressings.

If you are a hard core fan you've got 'em all!



An Australia promo of Nez's Texas Morning/Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

The label says "Texas Morning" but in fact the song is "I Looked Away"!
The catalog number on the label (ZPKS-8497) matches
what is stamped in the dead wax, so it would seem somebody at RCA
sent the wrong tape to the pressing plant and no one caught it.

I need to find out if anyone else has this record to see if they ever corrected this mistake.



Found all 3 promos of the Nesmith produced records on the Dot label:

Bill Chadwick:

The B-side "If You Had The Time" was co-written by Davy and he recorded it
for the "Monkees Present" LP, but it didn't see release until "Missing Links Vol. 1"
(Sorry Mike, but Davy's version is better)



I'm just missing the stock copies of the Corvettes; they are hard to find!




Found a nice copy of Davy's "Rainy Jane" from Portugal:

and a Bell Records ad with a small pic of his LP:



Completed the album section with pictures from all 28 nations that released
the Monkees. From the time I started collecting 8 years ago, every time an LP
would appear on ebay I would grab the pic; so basically most of these pics
are from past ebay sales, as I have only collected LPs from 18 countries (so far).
Right now I'm just listing the RCA/Colgems releases, except for Japan & the USA.
There is also a link on each country page.

Some interesting foreign LP sleeves:









The 'Pisces' LP from South Africa:

Just like the singles, no where on the sleeve or label does it say South Africa.
Fortunately they used a unique numbering system.

This LP is in mono and sounds like it has the same mix as the USA version.