Found an alternate version of their first picture sleeve from Peru

This red one is of the first foreign sleeves I ever found and I realize now that
it was an inverted or negative image of the white one.




Unlike last time, ROG removed the "add to cart" button
so it looks like there will be no more ordering extra copies after the closing date.
Hopefully soon they'll post how many are going to be made.

New items coming soon from Peru, Spain & Lebanon.



Today is the last day to pre-order the MOTM ROG double LP




Newly discovered (as in today) a "Lear Jet Stereo 8" cart for the Birds 8-Track.

Previously, only Headquarters and Pisces were know to exist with this type cartridge

I was doing research on the RCA 8-tracks and I asked Ed Reilly to look at some of his
and we discovered that he has the earliest version of this release.

The Birds tape that I have is commonly called a rivet cart, which uses a rivet to connect
the top and bottom pieces together. RCA started using these at some point in '68.

For review these are the 3 types of cartridges RCA used for the Monkees:

1. Lear Jet Pak 8


2. Lear Jet Stereo 8


3. Rivet Cart (Unofficial Name)


Cartridge comparison




Instant Replay from Israel found by Stephen Wright

This is the first copy I've ever seen!



Michael Nesmith's Nevada Fighter from Uruguay

This is the first solo record from Uruguay we have ever found for any of the guys.
So this is a real find from Ed Reilly!



In going through my collection I noticed that there are two pressings for the first EP from Spain
The first picture sleeve song title is misspelled as "Tomorrw's" leaving out the third "O".
The labels also have some minor differences.



Finally found a promo stamped copy of this Australian EP for "We Were Made For Each Other".
This was one of two EPs issued by RCA in October '69 - both featuring only Davy's songs.

Australia for being such a large country had relatively few radio stations
so promo copies are actually pretty hard to find these days.

Unfortunately they didn't take some of his newer cuts from Present or even Instant Replay
to showcase here, just a few hits and some deep album cuts, however,
by focusing both of these EPs solely on Davy it left little doubt who RCA
thought was the most popular member of the group.

A weak song selection, although She Hangs Out was pretty good.

Here is a promo copy of the other one,
This one has all the hits.