September 28:

Great new finds with 3 records from Lebanon, an 80's Arista for Ireland, a better copy of the first promo from Italy and a German promo card for the Rhino single "Heart And Soul". Too bad I can't read German! My nephew is studying it, maybe I'll get him to translate someday.

Added another great picture sleeve from Iran's Top 4 label, featuring the Four Tops and the Monkee song "Let's Dance On": EX 4153.

September 18:

Got a new PC and switched everything over, now I remember why I only do this every 8 years or so.

Created a unique page for Davy Jones "My Favorite Monkee". I've studied this single and researched Billboard Magazine and Andrew Sandavol's book, and I've concluded that it is a Colgems record but pressed for a contest to promote Davy's new vanity label. The label number in the dead wax, or run-off groove confirms it. This had the lowest number of copies pressed for any Monkee USA record of the 60's. Meaning these are really hard to find and getting expensive. And there are 2 variations of the labels! I just got the second one for a Ben Franklin.

September 12:

Finally got the ad for Instant Replay found in the 1969 tour program and have a page dedicated to the 2 versions that exist for it. Got 2 more from Iran on the Top 4 label, the EX 4144 and the EX 4157 (and I have the EX 4153 on the way).

September 6:

Found a promo only picture sleeve for the Nesmith Japanese single 'Silver Moon'. I stopped buying promos from other countries because it just got to be too much, but if they come with a unique picture sleeve; I will score it. First one I've seen from Japan; Germany has at least 4 promo sleeves that I know of so far.

Right now I have records in the mail from Turkey, Thailand, New Zealand, Iran, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Japan. Expect some good updates in the next few weeks!

September 3:

Scored an unplayed copy of Peter Tork's only single Steppin' Stone/Higher And Higher also got the mini poster, tour sticker and backstage photo. Somebody has found a box of these records and is selling them on ebay. Get yours while you can!

September 2:

Confirmed that Orient Records is from Thailand and has been added to that section with some updated info here. In Glenn Baker's book "Monkeemania" he said the label was from Israel, it didn't make sense, but at least now its corrected.

September 1:

Hoping this month for some news about an Instant Replay box set.