Added new pages: Compact Discs and Tapes.

These will be 'works in progress' for some time. Initially I wanted to show my small collection of cd singles but I'll eventually list most of the cds that are out there, I have everything thats been released in the USA plus some from Japan. I've never collected cds per se....but the box sets from Rhino are very nice.

I have a few tapes lying around and great pics from collectors and ebay, enough to list most of whats been made.

Also I've been buying the 12' singles that came out in the 80's. There are 3 from 'That Was Then, This Is Now': USA, UK and Mexico and a 'Heart And Soul' from Germany. I've resisted doing anything bigger than the 7" records, because I can't scan them in; I'll have to come with a good way to photograph them.



More hard to find Iran EPs on the Royal/Orfeh label:


When I first started collecting I wasn't interested in picture sleeves that didn't have The Monkees on them. But I soon realized the really hard ones to find are those with women or some other band on them. These are predominately found in Thailand and Iran.



Found another black label single from France; these may have been used in jukeboxes. I've asked alot of dealers in France and no one really knows what their purpose was...I can see them as an alternative to the EPs, but when they switched to the singles they still made the black label "45 T" thru Valleri. Another oddity has 4 of the 7 singles listing the b-side as 'Face 1'. Australia tended to do some of this as well.

Through all this, I found an excellent site in that has thousands of French picture sleeves and here are the Monkees. The web master Claude Picard graciously sent me this first pic for 'Take A Giant Step'.


Still have a couple records from Iran on the way. With the budget cut backs in the US postal system I've seen a real slow down in international deliveries.