Nez's Don't Cry Now/Tapioca Tundra on Dot from Australia:



The Australian EP "She" was released in 1968 with a black label; this reissue from 1969 has an orange label:




Barrelful of Monkees long boxes in cassette and CD:


Spain promo "I Love You Better" (which was the A-side for them):




1986 Arista Daydream Believer remix from Spain. There were no stock copies pressed for the public,
which makes this picture sleeve & record very unique.


I've only found copies of this remix from the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and now Spain.



"Do It In The Name Of Love" sheet music.
Now, I don't collect these; but I do really like the ones for the singles...
so this one was too good to pass up!

June of 1971


Added the first 4 mono LPs from the UK. I was just going to get the Pisces (my fav LP)
but the seller had a nice set of 4 with amazingly good vinyl.



I managed to find 2 copies of the the Colgems LP Film Festival - 16 Great Movie Themes,
with the instrumental piece from the closing credits of Head, simply called "Plus Strings":

and got both label versions:


RCA Pisces from Japan:


SEPTEMBER 18: Press Release announcing Rhino acquiring the entire Monkees catalog
and the forthcoming reissue of all 9 of their LPs on CDs and tapes:



Newly found Arista single from New Zealand. No date on it, but Arista used this label from 1976-78:



More Arista CD long boxes:


1987 Arista catalog which finally confirms the year for their initial CD releases:


SEPTEMBER 11: Nez from Japan


Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart from Japan as well:



"Love Is Only Sleeping/Hard To Believe" from the Philippines:





A reader requested that I add release dates and chart positions for all the 45s, as other sites,
like 45cat.com do this. So now I've completed this.

Many countries were not keeping track of the charts back then,
but at the very least I showed the release year.

In researching Greece I found a copy of "Tear Drop City", which was a nice surprise!
Now its on its way here.



Found some early cassettes with no UPCs on the Arista label:

Both of these are from the Columbia Record Club (CRC),
which released this cassette with at least (so far) 4 different catalog numbers!
The stock, non-CRC version are actually harder to find.



Finally found the last CD Single/EP. This was a 5 song EP promoting the '95 Greatest Hits in Europe.
Too bad we didn't get cool CDs like this in the USA.

PRCD 123