Rhino announces the next box set! Unfortunately it will not include a bonus 45 single. But I'm really looking forward to the session tracks and the cleaned-up TV tunes.

The Monkees (Super Deluxe Edition)

get your copy at Monkees.com


Found a nice Arista ad from the UK magazine "No. 1", plugging both the 7 inch single
and the 12 inch EP of "That Was Then, This Is Now". My UK Arista page.



Japan was the only country to have the price of the single or EP printed right on the sleeve.
Here are the five with price stickers where they either made a running change during production
or reissued the record at some later time.

Price stickers on picture sleeves are nothing new, but for me, if RCA put them on there,
that makes a variation worth picking up.

Type 2 picture sleeve
(on front & reverse)





(on reverse)


(on reverse)



The original sleeve left the price off altogether.



Finally found an actual copy of GO magazine # 154 with the Instant Replay cover:

this same image was used in Andrew's Instant Replay liner notes back in '95.

The mag also a blurb on Nez signing with Dot Records to produce
Bill Chadwick and the Corvettes:



Advance promo copy of "Daydream Believer" from the UK.

Just missing 2 promos from the UK: "Alternate Title" and "Someday Man".



Found the 2 longboxes I was missing...from 1987 Rhino's "Live 1967"
and the cassette version of "Then & Now" from 1986.

CDs, as a music format, first showed up in the USA in the Summer of '83.
The longbox was created and used to placify retailers who had
displays set up for the 12" tall LPs. However, most everyone was throwing the
longboxes away and this led to concerns over the waste of materials for the cardboard,
so the industry agreed to phase these out '93.

So the longboxes were only made from 1983-93 and only for the USA market.
They are sort of a marketing oddity, but have become collectable
since most were thrown away. I don't know what happened to mine,
it doesn't seem like I would have tossed them, but they were lost over time.


Retailers didn't need cassettes packaged in longboxes so not many were made.
This Arista cassette longbox is the only one ever issued for the Monkees.

All the longboxes on one page.




Found a really cool UK cassette from 1974 on the Bell label, "25 Hits Of The Monkees".
With an avocado green cassette you know its the 70s!

Here is a copy of the 8 Track I dug up:

I've never seen this collection on an LP, which is weird.

Some real interesting songs here, like "Magnolia Simms" (!), "Early Morning Blues & Greens"
and "Daddy's Song" which, of course, was an A-sided single for them.



Japan promo for "Listen To The Band/Someday Man"


The "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd." LP from Germany:

I now have the 'Pisces' LP from 16 out of 28 countries;
most of the ones I'm missing are from South America,
like Colombia, Peru and Uruguay...these just don't come up for sale very often.



The "In" Sound, a US Army promotional LP from December 1967
with a brief Davy Jones interview and the song "Daydream Believer".

Very much like the "Guard Scene" LP programs.



Promo "Daddy's Song/Porpoise Song" from the UK:

Very unique single for both sides:

UK was the only country to release "Daddy's Song" as a 45 RPM and they made
an edited version (2:56) of "Porpoise Song" as the B-side. Turns out both of these songs
are from the mono fold-over version of the UK released LP "Head".

In the USA, only the promo copies issued for AM stations had a unique edited version
which clocked in at 2:31.


"Porpoise Song" one the greatest songs they recorded, never saw a very wide release
and is confirmed to have been issued in just these 6 countries:

New Zealand

Germany and Japan released the Head LP, but not the single from it. Other countries like India,
South Africa and the Philippines may have issued it but I haven't found any so far.