SEPTEMBER 27: 7A Records newest release "At The BBC Paris Theatre"

Thanks to Ben Belmares for these pictures!



Davy's "Rainy Jane" from Bell Australia with a promo sticker:


"Nevada Fighter" from around the world:


UK with a push-out & solid center.
This stock copy is surprisingly hard to find.


A nice stock copy from Spain
I only had a promo copy.


Always tough to find promos from Germany & Japan.




Another early EP from El Salvador:

Sadly, no picture sleeve; but any records from here are really tough to find.


Two Nez singles from New Zealand on the Stetson label,
where they released a staggering six records of his from the Pacific Arts years.
This was more than any other country, including the USA.


An advance promo copy of the only UK release on the Bell label:


Coming soon: a cache of Nevada Fighters from around the world,
a Monkees EP from Thailand and a Davy Jones promo from Australia.



Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky I've updated the Pocket Rockers
with all new photos from her collection:


September 15:

Thanks to Ben Belmares I've updated more of Nez's LPs and CDs
from his Pacific Arts, Rhino & Rio labels:

I've also added a mail order catalog from 1980,
which covers all his Pacific Arts releases:

It's interesting that he sold his radio special LP here,
and that might account for why there are so many copies out there.