On the FB group someone posted a link to the mono copy of the Birds release
from Trinidad & Tobago that is currently for sale on Discogs.
It has been there awhile and I had previously contacted the seller to get audio samples,
but never heard back from him. However I wrote him again and this time
he gave me samples from each side.

Unfortunately, the sample from Dream World lacks the reverb found in the true mono mix
which confirms it uses the fake mono mix. This is not all that surprising since they used jackets
that were printed in Canada, so they might have used their mixes, which are also fake mono.

So I have updated the world wide Birds mono mix page.



Peter Tork's Stranger Things reissued (again) this time
on transparent green vinyl

Released on September 10 (Sept. 17 in the USA)
only 300 pressed this time.




Monkees.com has listed April 15, 2022 as the MOTM ROG release date.
I hope it comes sooner than that!




For the Japanese collectors out there:

The first pressing liner notes reversed the song descriptions on the Changes album,
for tracks 4 & 5 on side 2: All Alone In The Dark & Midnight Train.

This was a known mistake, however recently a corrected version
has been found by Rikizo Komori:

Comparison of the two liner notes.

This album was out of print about a year or so after this was released,
so it's amazing to find this correct version!



The Monkees are on tour again for the last time (?) and I hope everyone has an
opportunity to go. I've had tickets for almost 2 years now so I'm very excited
it's finally happening! However, the merchandise table prices for T-shirts ($40) & programs ($60)
are really high, even for the pandemic!




Found a copy of the UK 25 Hits Of The Monkees

I really like the avocado green cartridge; very unique.


Also found Mary, Mary/She from Lebanon on the VIK label

Mary, Mary was the fourth single pressed in Lebanon; and that makes this one
the earliest pressing on this label. Perhaps VIK reissued the others?

VIK was a subsidiary of RCA Victor.


My copy on the RCA label shares the same catalog number "MA 4076"



A new find: Nesmith's RCA cassette for Nevada Fighter

The cassettes are even harder to find than the 8-tracks.

Thanks to Ed Reilly for the photos!


Also found this early ad dated March 28, 1970 for the First National Band's
forthcoming LP Magnetic South.

This may have been the first advertisement for the group.

The ad appeared in a yearly supplement called "Campus Attractions"
which was inside a regular issue of Billboard.



Ed Reilly posted this one yesterday; a newly found updated RCA sleeve from Australia

This has the updated RCA logo (upper left corner)
so this was printed sometime in 1968-69.

Comparison of the original and new sleeves