Personal want list

These are records I'm missing from my personal collection,
even though I might have pictures of them on this site,
those pics are from other collectors (and much appreciated).

Some of these might not exist, as "Porpoise Song"
wasn't released in every country.



94-0528 She
94-0608 Dream World

PR 15-1 Promo No Time
PR 28 Daydream Believer



66-1002 Type 1 Picture Sleeve

RCA Promos:
66-5000 Tear Drop City
66-16025 Hey, Hey With The Monkees



66-5000 Tear Drop City


Apollon A B 1011-12
Mono Gram EX 104





BLPD 15 EP: "Present"


RCA Promos:
SS-1706 Last Train
SS-1719 I'm A Believer
SS-1735 The Monkees Theme
SS-1746 A Little Bit Me
SS-1820 D. W. Washburn
SS-1866 Randy Scouse Git
SS-1871 Tear Drop City
SS-1953 Oh My My



MA 4036 Last Train
MA 4083 Alternate Title


New Zealand

60480 Cuddly Toy
60506 Oh My My



RCA 66 Series:

66-1023 D. W. Washburn (Promo)
66-5000 Tear Drop City (Stock)
66-5005 Good Clean Fun (Stock)
66-5011 Oh My My (Stock)


RCA 47 Series:

47-6246 The Monkees Theme (Promo)
47-6249 I'll Be True To You (Promo)
47-6256 When Love Comes Knockin' (Promo)
47-6269 Shades Of Grey (Stock)
47-6271 Forget That Girl (Stock)
47-6323 If I Knew (Stock)


RCA PPXC Series:

PPXC-0015 I'll Spend My Life With You (Stock)
PPXC-0016 Shades Of Grey (Promo)
PPXC-0018 Forget That Girl (Promo)
PPXC-0019 You Told Me (Stock)
PPXC-0039 We Were Mad For Each Other (Promo)
PPXC-0055 I'll Be True To You (Both)
PPXC-0056 The Monkees Theme (Promo)


SS-981 Do It In The Name Of Love


Puerto Rico

Last Train
I'm A Believer
A Little Bit Me
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Daydream Believer



42.040 D. W. Washburn
42.080 Tear Drop City
42.136 Good Clean Fun
Oh My My


South Africa

42.136 Good Clean Fun
Oh My My



MTR 144



RCA Promos:

1560 I'm A Believer
1620 Pleasant Valley Sunday



31A-1082 A Little Bit Me
31A-1130 Pleasant Valley Sunday
31A-1214 Daydream Believer
31A-1242 Valleri



66-1023 D. W. Washburn (Colgems Circle Label)

Davy Jones:
45-159 Bell Girl (Promo)

76-0629 RCA Mama Rocker (Stock)