Personal want list

These are records I'm missing from my personal collection,
even though I might have pictures of them on this site,
those pictures are from other collectors (and much appreciated).



66-1002 I'm A Believer (picture sleeve)



66-5000 Tear Drop City (promo)



RCA Promos:

SS-1706 Last Train
SS-1719 I'm A Believer
SS-1735 The Monkees Theme
SS-1953 Oh My My

Arista Promo:




MA 4036 Last Train




76-2666 D. W. Washburn
76-2818 Tear Drop City
76-? Good Clean Fun
76-3111 Oh My My


New Zealand

60506 Oh My My



RCA 66 Series:

66-5000 Tear Drop City (Stock)
66-5005 Good Clean Fun (Stock)
66-5011 Oh My My (Stock)


RCA 47 Series:

47-6246 The Monkees Theme (Promo)
47-6249 I'll Be True To You (Promo)
47-6256 When Love Comes Knockin' (Promo)
47-6269 Shades Of Grey (Stock)
47-6271 Forget That Girl (Stock)
47-6323 If I Knew (Stock)


RCA PPXC Series:

PPXC-0015 I'll Spend My Life With You (Stock)
PPXC-0016 Shades Of Grey (Promo)
PPXC-0018 Forget That Girl (Promo)
PPXC-0019 You Told Me (Stock)
PPXC-0039 We Were Mad For Each Other (Promo)
PPXC-0055 I'll Be True To You (Both)
PPXC-0056 The Monkees Theme (Promo)


SS-981 Do It In The Name Of Love


Puerto Rico

Last Train
I'm A Believer
A Little Bit Me
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Daydream Believer



42.136 Good Clean Fun
Oh My My


South Africa

42.136 Good Clean Fun
Oh My My



MTR 144



66-1023 D. W. Washburn (Colgems Circle Label)