1050 AM CHUM was a Toronto radio station playing top 40 hits.
Their weekly radio station surveys listed the top 50 singles each week
and was one of the most influential charts in Canada.

These 7 charts show the debut and rise of the Monkees third single
"A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You". After 3 weeks, the original
B-side "She Hangs Out" was replaced with "The Girl I Knew Somewhere".

Canada was the only country to issue the single with "She Hangs Out"
on it and this record became infamous because it forced the issue
of who controlled the Monkees' music and
as a result Don Kirshner was fired on February 27, 1967.

When the single was withdrawn, CHUM removed
the B-side altogether from the listings.

All of these were promoting their
upcoming concert on April 2, 1967.


February 20, 1967

"Hot New Hit"


February 27, 1967

#38 "She Hangs Out"


March 6, 1967

#8 "She Hangs Out"


March 13, 1967



March 20, 1967



March 27, 1967



April 3, 1967